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Indoor/Outdoor Electric Heater
Owner's Manuals: English - 1 MB
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and the Internet
Model: EWTR720B "Northgate"
  Endless Summer®
Coverage Area
  up to a 12 ft. Diameter
Total Power
  1,200 W Halogen Bulb (Equivalent to approx. 4,095 BTUs)
Uses a Standard 120V Grounded Outlet (Voltage: 115-120 V; 15 Amps.)
  Easy, Plug-In, No Gas Required
Soft light heat waves are more energy efficient than regular heaters, since heat waves heat objects not unused space.
Great for decks, patios, screened porches and balconies
Automatich Shut-off Tlit Switch
8 foot (2.4 m) Power Cord
Weather Resistant Hardware
Quick & Easy Assemblyy
  1 Year Limited
Assembled Size
  19.7 in. dia. x 34.6 in. H